Shool of Engineering and Technology

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email Id View Profile
1 Dr. P S V Ramana Rao Professor 9394614546 View Profile
2 Dr. K V G Krishnamurty Professor 9985687950 View Profile
3 Dr Murali Malijeddi Professor 9440149970 View Profile
4 Dr Pendurthy A Sunny Dayal Associate Professor 7093068888 View Profile
5 Dr. S V S K DEEPAK KUMAR Associate Professor 9000291444 View Profile
6 Dr. SATHEESH AMPOLU Associate Professor 9491801827 View Profile
7 Madhava Rao K Associate Professor 9849874545 View Profile
8 N V S SHANKAR Associate Professor 8008129196 View Profile
9 SUGGU HARITHA Assistant Professor 9030673679 View Profile
10 JhansiRani Ganapa Assistant Professor 9390330530 View Profile
11 P Anuradha Assistant Professor 9704667074 View Profile
12 Kavitha Chekuri Assistant Professor 7386547446 View Profile
13 SUSANTA KUMAR NAYAK Assistant Professor 9405253452 View Profile
14 KURITI JOGINAIDU Assistant Professor 9948354282 View Profile
15 M. Aswini kumar Assistant Professor 9059287397 View Profile
16 R VENKATARAMANA Assistant Professor 9985464704 View Profile
17 Ramya.K Assistant Professor 7382341202 View Profile
18 Lavanya Samoju Assistant Professor 7075938115 View Profile
19 SOWJANYA BODASINGI Assistant Professor 8500192192 View Profile
20 RAMA DEVI GUDE Assistant Professor 9398541470 View Profile
21 V.AVINASH Assistant Professor 9505914255 View Profile
22 LAKSHMANARAO BATTULA Assistant Professor 9948322371 View Profile
23 Rita Roy Assistant Professor View Profile
24 Lakshmana Rao Rowthu Assistant Professor 8374330612 View Profile
25 Dr.Swathi Koppolu Assistant Professor 8985950503 View Profile
26 K V Kalyan Chakaravarthy Assistant Professor 9963022226 View Profile
27 Sudheer Choudari Assistant Professor 9963597874 View Profile

School of Paramedics and Allied Health Sciences

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email Id View Profile
1 Dr. CH. Nooka Raju Associate Professor 9440457892 View Profile
2 Vilas Anil Chavan Assistant Professor 9921421053 View Profile
3 Venkata Kalyan Kankanala Assistant Professor 9885847375 View Profile
4 Syed Raashid Andrabi Assistant Professor 9149566844 View Profile
5 Sambangi Satyananda Siva Sagar Assistant Professor 9966881542 View Profile
6 Amit Assistant Professor 8607682687 View Profile
7 SOURAJIT KUMAR BANERJEE Assistant Professor 9563018379 View Profile
8 pratibha Malini Assistant Professor View Profile
9 AASIF MAJEED LONE Assistant Professor 7889518432 View Profile
10 Majid Anwar Bhat Assistant Professor 9682620644 View Profile
11 Dr CVKK Chaitanya Assistant Professor 8142899983 View Profile
12 Rajesh Sukkala Assistant Professor 8087850936 View Profile
13 Sunil Kumar Madimala Assistant Professor 7382674728 View Profile
14 Shubhangi katare Assistant Professor 9373012496 View Profile
15 GUNAGANTI SONY Assistant Professor 07729815849 View Profile
16 P. Meghana Assistant Professor 9762380521 View Profile
17 Sravani Mereddy Assistant Professor 7659031085 View Profile

School of Management

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email Id View Profile
1 Dr.Madhusmita Choudhury Assistant Professor 8260800047 View Profile
2 Dr. Venkateswarlu Karumuri Assistant Professor 9704662676 View Profile
3 Amit Kumar Assistant Professor View Profile

School of Applied Sciences

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email Id View Profile
1 Dr.M.L.N.ACHARYULU Professor 9908033104 View Profile
2 Hari Krishna Associate Professor View Profile
3 Dr VIJAYA BABU K Assistant Professor 9848566927 View Profile
4 Pravalika V Assistant Professor View Profile
5 Kuna Hemasundara Rao Assistant Professor 7997686029 View Profile