M.A, MBA, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
School of Management
Department: NA
Phone: 9704662676
Email: k.venkateswarlu@cutmap.ac.in

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Research Fields

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • General Management
  • Marketing

  • 11. 6 years of experience


  • Curriculum Development


  • Research and consultancy



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Project Name
A study on sales force engagement practices in real estate (Housing and Property Development) sector with reference to Visakhapatnam city
Society Perception Survey
Society Perception Survey

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Publicaion 1

Stress among Traffic Police: An Evidence from Visakhapatnam City

Publisher: Dogo Rangsang Research Journal

Publicaion 2

An empirical study on Digital marketing practices impact on shopper purchase choices in city of Visakhapatnam

Publisher: Sambodhi

Publicaion 3

What Engages the salesforce Optimally in Real Estate Sector: A Study

Publisher: ICFAI University Press

Publicaion 4

job satisfaction: a conceptual framework

Publisher: EPRA Publishers

Publicaion 5

An Empirical Investigation on Salesforce Problems in Real Estate Sector

Publisher: IJBMM

Publicaion 6

Problems of salesforce: A study with reference to real estate sector

Publisher: International Journal of Research

Publicaion 7

Application of Herzberg Two-Factor Theory Model for Motivating Retail Salesforce

Publisher: ICFAI University Press

Publicaion 8

A theoretical framework on employee engagement

Publisher: -

Publicaion 9

An empirical investigation on sales force engagement practices in real estate sector

Publisher: -

Publicaion 10

Employee Engagement: Hotel Industry

Publisher: SCMS Group of Institutions

Publicaion 11

Employee Selection Issues in Ramayana: Relevance to Modern Times

Publisher: -

Publicaion 12

A Study on CSR Practices in selected in Indian Organizations

Publisher: -

Publicaion 13

Employee Attrition and Retention: A Theoretical Perspective

Publisher: 1

Publicaion 14

Job satisfaction: A key to high performance

Publisher: Pezzotite Journals

Publicaion 15

A Review on Employability Skills

Publisher: IOSR Journals

Publicaion 16

Challenges in Virtual Workplace Management

Publisher: IAR Consortium

Publicaion 17

A Study on Determinants of Purchase Behaviour in Fast Food Outlets

Publisher: Institute of Public Enterprise

Publicaion 18

An Empirical Study on the Identification of Sales force Engagement Drivers: A Study of Selected Retail Outlets in Visakhapatnam

Publisher: -

Publicaion 19

Potential communication Skills for Management Students -A Sole Need for Success)

Publisher: Kuriakose Gregorios College, Kottayam

Publicaion 20

Socioeconomic analysis of Fast Food Consumers in Visakhapatnam City

Publisher: Badruka Institute of Foreign Trade

Publicaion 21

Analysing the impact of retail store attributes on unplanned buying intention with mediating role of shopping enjoyment and store perception: An Empirical study

Publisher: Society of Business and management

Publicaion 22

HR 4.0: Transformation in People Management

Publisher: Paramount Publishing House

Publicaion 23

Empirical Analysis of Buying Roles in Fast Food Purchase Decisions: A Study of Fast Food Outlets in Hyderabad

Publisher: Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology